14. Österreichisches Windsymposium24. bis 25. November 2020

An electrifying stunt by Stefanie Millinger on the tip of a windturbine blade

For the 15th anniversary of the " Global Wind Day", the environmentally friendly wind energy was on display

Bild: © Astrid KnieBild: © Astrid Knie

On the occasion of the fifteenth "Global Wind Day" on June 15th, Stefanie Millinger has given a stunning wind turbine performance. This exceptional artist who comes from Salzburg danced with the wind on the wind turbine`s blades. "For my appearances, I'm always looking for unusual places," reports Stefanie Millinger and adds: "Such a wind turbine is really impressive. Clean electricity produced solely by the power of the wind." "I am overjoyed that we were able to win over such an impressive artist for the 15th anniversary of the "Global Wind Day", comments Stefan Moidl, Managing Director of IG Windkraft.

This year, on the occasion of the fifteenth “Global Wind Day” on June 15th, Stefanie Millinger has climbed the wind turbine in Lichtenegg. Stefanie Millinger is one of the most famous artists in Austria. She achieved great fame through the final appearance on the RTL show "Das Supertalent". Her passion is hand balancing, which is also referred to as contortion in technical jargon. She often does her stunts in extreme locations. For the "Global Wind Day" Stefanie Millinger performed on a wind turbine. “The size of wind turbines is really impressive. I extremely enjoyed the gymnastics on the blades and leaning my body against the wind. This gives one a small impression of the forces driving the wind turbine,” says Stefanie Millinger enthusiastically. Christof Flucher, from 8.2 Ingenieurbüro Windenergie, has been working in the wind industry for more than 25 years. He had a watchful eye on her to ensure the safety of this event in every situation. “I work on these impressive objects several times a week and often hang for hours next to the blades a hundred meters above the ground secured only by ropes for inspection purposes. Stefanie Millinger's body control makes me highly jealous”, Flucher explains respectfully.
An interview and photos with Stefanie Millinger about the wind turbine performance can be found on the IG Windkraft website: